Clark Vacuum

Your Family Vacuum Store Since 1971

Our Family's Story

The First Generaion

Dad started in the vacuum business in the 1960’s he opened Clark Vacuum in 1971. Back when vacuums were only sold in vacuum stores.  All of his children worked for him at one time or another.  His father even worked with him for a while.  Dad retired in the early 1990’s.  When Dad retired, he owned two stores that were taken over by his children.

The Second Generation

My childhood was filled with visits to various vacuum stores with my dad.  The old Clark Vacuum location (Raritan Road) use to have a basement that my siblings and I would play in.  In 1982, I was in the 9th grade and got my working papers.  I started working in the store part time after school and on Saturdays.  I’ve been working in the vacuum business now over 35 years.

The Third Generation

My kids started visiting me at Clark Vacuum shortly after they were born. My son aspires to one day own a vacuum shop like his dad.
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